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Join the Fringe, Saturday 28th April 2018

The "Hope Valley Fringe" is a celebration of our local interest in The Arts, Music, Science, Health, Drama, Photography, Literature, Gardening and Food. Everybody is welcome.

The Fringe will connect you, your friends, new groups and your businesses, in a welcoming space designed to establish new friendships.

It is a melting pot, offering a new and alternative way of looking at the amazing variety of local interests, on your door step, building a stronger local community for the future.

Harnessing the latest technologies, the Fringe offers a FREE 7th wave blog AND specific floor spaces in the venue. This space will be your own uniquely named 3m square, or more, to do anything you like. Alternatively you can just visit and get inspired! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 28th April 2018.

Hope Valley Fringe Flyer

28th April 2018

9am to midnight
Hathersage Memorial Hall.
Oddfellows Road,
Hope Valley,
S32 1DU.

STOP PRESS: launching the inaugural Hope Valley Literature Fringe: an exploration and celebration of our local interest in literature - prose, poetry, multi-media, blogs and other artistic expressions of the written word.

The 2018 theme is ‘Our Relationship with Earth’. This theme is only a guide, a focus for your interest, a steer for you to express your way of looking at the many varied, often complex and different relationships we have with Earth. We are inviting you to present literature in any one of the four fringe zones; Landscape, Childscape, Skyscape and Musicscape. All submissions will be judged upon point of view, quality, originality and artistry. Prizes will be awarded at a concluding event held between 6.30pm - 9.30pm at Longlands Café above Outside (indicate.furniture.spinning) in Hathersage.


Call: 07768 937818

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